We are a relationship-based company focused on building healthy, sustainable communities by balancing social, economic, cultural and environmental values.

Award of Excellence

Meraki Community Planning was awarded the 2021 'Inclusionary Planning' National Award of Excellence from the Canadian Institute of Planners. This award highlights our inclusionary, client-centred approach to Indigenous Planning and our long-standing relationship with the Kitselas First Nation. We are honoured to share this achievement with the Kitselas people and dedicate this award to all of the survivors, and loved ones of survivors, of the residential school system across Canada, in an effort to work toward dismantling the power structure and oppression created by the eurocentric, patriarchal system and worldview.

Municipal Planning

Diverse urban planning and development services serving private and public sector clients in British Columbia and beyond.

Indigenous Planning

Comprehensive community planning and other planning services based on relationships of mutual respect, mutual learning and capacity building for First Nations.

Community Engagement

Innovative, successful communications and engagement strategies from development through implementation for First Nations, public and private sector clients.

Grant Writing

Thorough and effective grant application packages prepared to maximize funds for community planning projects.

meraki [may-rah-kee]

Rich in meaning and subtleties, meraki is a greek concept that means to do things with passion, creativity and utmost care. It is to place your full and undivided attention to the task at hand, and to do it with diligence and powerful desire.

  • "Maren is committed to relationship building right from the start.  We had many in depth discussions of our needs and she built our work plan around that.  She didn’t come in with a preconceived plan, she wanted to build on what we already had from the beginning.  The project brought out trust, hope and involvement of all community members which showed in their overwhelming response/input and attendance.  Maren ensured that this was a community led process and provided us with the tools we needed. Maren was always on time and within budget, and completed deliverables to our satisfaction, if not better.    
    Erica Louie
    Lands Officer, Kitselas First Nation
  • "It's my pleasure to recommend Maren to anyone looking for a dynamic planner with a range of personal and technical skills and a passionate commitment to making positive change happen in the world. From my recent work with her on several challenging projects I can attest that Maren is consistently innovative in her focus on creating real value for all participants and players. She also has so much drive and optimism that she can find opportunities where other people see none; in her hands these ideas turn into projects, and projects evolve into successful outcomes. Maren also has a very creative mind, and she brings a unique/fresh perspective to the table when approaching any issue. Finally, Maren is a true team player who understands her client's needs and can easily partner with others to deliver high-quality work on time, every time."
    Vince Verlaan
    Principal at MODUS Planning, Design & Engagement
  • "I had the pleasure of working with Maren during her time as Community Planning Supervisor with the City of Kamloops. As a consultant working on projects led by Maren, I was impressed with her ability to effectively manage projects and get the best from each team member. She is a consummate professional – assertive yet kind, talented yet humble, hard-working yet fun. She is a principled leader and skilled professional planner who sets high standards for herself, follows through with her commitments, and readily recognizes and champions the contributions of others."
    Pam Robertson
    Accredited and award-winning Communication, Engagement and Learning Specialist, Urban Systems Ltd., Kamloops
  • "Maren is a highly principled individual with a strong work ethic and outstanding problem-solving abilities. I've worked with dozens of high-calibre professionals during my career and she is a standout. Successful municipal planners require both creative and technical ability. First to visualize what might be and then devise the concrete steps to achieve it. Maren is exceptional in both these areas. On an interpersonal basis, her engaging style strives for group rather than individual achievement. This focus on people makes her a successful and respected leader. In any situation she can be counted on to give her best."
    Marlene Anderson
    President and Project Manager, Tri-AMM Developments Corporation
  • “Maren Luciani has many gifts that make her the ideal consultant for several of our community’s planning projects.  She has a sound vision of sustainability, is deeply committed to genuine community engagement, is someone who takes action, and she understands municipal government. Maren’s leadership in conducting the planning process has been key to our project’s success.  As well, the content and quality of Maren’s reporting is exceptional. Maren is a joy to work with and, in my opinion, any project involving her is substantially improved.”
    Keir Gervais
    CAO, Village of Cache Creek
  • "I have worked with Maren in my capacity as a City Councillor in Kamloops. Maren is best described as a futurist with an active social conscience. She excels in making small cities livable and sustainable."
    Ken Christian
    Mayor, City of Kamloops
  • "I highly recommend Maren. She is extremely smart and professional and can handle large and complex problems. I worked with her as part of the Cache Creek Age-Friendly planning and I found her to be articulate, disciplined and easy to work with."
    President, Pam Moore Consulting
  • "Maren is a community planning professional. I have worked with her on a few projects at the City of Kamloops and I can say without hesitation she is very thorough and detail oriented. Maren is also an excellent communicator and keeps projects moving forward in a professional manner. She has proven to me she can manage complex projects and is self-directed."
    Jeff Putnam
    Parks, Sustainability & Civic Facilities Manager at City of Kamloops
  • "Maren is a serious mover and shaker! She is not afraid to champion any project and does so with determination and finesse. I have absolutely no hesitations in recommending Maren as I know she will be successful in any endeavor she decides to tackle."
    Colin O'leary
    Principal, O'Leary and Associates Limited
  • "I have the pleasure to work with Maren over the past few years and have found that she is a positive and professional person that takes the lead in developing initiatives in the community. I would not hesitate to recommend her in any vocation as she is approachable, a strategic thinker and would be a valuable asset to any business looking to maximize profits or take their business to the next level."
    David Arsenault
    Chief Operations Officer, Athabasca University
  • "If I had to sum up Maren's work ethic in one word it would have to be DEDICATION. Others come to mind as well; knowledgeable, sense of community; pride; out-going and ready to take on the risk of meeting any goal she puts her mind to or is challenged with. She is an asset to any community she chooses to call home."
    Gail Holland
    Town of Coventry Coventry CDBG Program Coordinator & Real Estate Referral Agent
  • "I've had the pleasure of working with Maren on several challenging projects and she brings a great deal of knowledge and enthusiasm to the table each and every time. She understands the role and value of technology in planning and has many great ideas on how to put them forth in her work. Always the professional, she deals with colleagues with tact and diplomacy to make sure no details are missed, and they never are. Wonderful to work with!"
    Ryan Strank
    GIS Technician at City of Kamloops
  • "Maren was a very competent professional in the field of Planning. She was diligent in her work, pleasant to work with and provided a high level of service. I would highly recommend her."
    Joseph Casali
    President at Joe Casali Engineering, Inc.
  • "Maren's integrity, intelligence and ability to grasp problems quickly and solve them efficiently are core strengths. She is an independent worker with an admirable work ethic. Her people skills are equally strong. Maren often had to finesse opposing viewpoints and direction given by contractors, lawyers, managers, and handled each situation with diplomacy and got results. I give Maren my highest recommendation."
    Jan Brodie
    Executive Director, The Pawtucket Foundation
  • "Maren is a consumate professional and a pleasure to work with. As a Planner, her work is detailed and complete without it being boring or complicated. She is able to communicate ideas effectively. Possessing a sensitive and respectful demeanor, Maren works well with others to quickly earn their trust and cooperation. The enthusiasm she has for her work is mildly contagious and underscores her passion and commitment."
    Paul DeZeeuw
    Retired Webmaster, City of Kamloops
  • "Maren is an exceptionally capable planner and project manager. A self-starter. Thorough, detail-oriented, smart, great people skills and a pleasure to work with."
    Barry Preston
    Managing Director, Preston Giuliano Capital Partners, Providence, Rhode Island