Kamloops Cannabis Production Regulations

Cache Creek Age-Friendly Assessment and Action Plan
February 27, 2018

The Project 

In 2015, we were responsible for developing one of the first comprehensive, regulatory frameworks for a Canadian municipality in response to Heath Canada's Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (at the time Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations).  The initiative was prompted by on-going issues with illegal grow operations in residential homes within the City and increasing private interest in industrial-scale cannabis production facility development within City limits.  We created, and worked with, a municipal staff group that consisted of senior staff from the local RCMP detachment, planning and development services, property use inspection services, building inspection and fire rescue.  Our resulting, recommended framework included zoning regulations for the siting of medical cannabis production facilities within the City of Kamloops and a detailed process guide for staff and applicants.  The zoning amendment bylaw was adopted by Council and remains in place today.